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The ultimate tiebreaker

Virtual Penalty Shootout

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Virtual Penalty Shootout

Game Preview

Fast-Paced Showdown with Penalty Kicks

NSoft welcomes this exciting game into its portfolio – the Virtual Penalty Shootout. A nerve-racking, nail-biting showdown between a goalkeeper and a penalty taker. Penalty shootouts are often considered to be the most exciting part of a football match.

Goals are divided into 24 sections from top left to bottom right. Players can place bets on the outcome of the shootout, opting for a number of goal or no-goal outcomes. The possible betting options are defined as; bet on a single field, rows and columns, left or right, odd or even, field colour (purple or yellow) and no-goal bets such as miss, save and post.

Multiple Betting Options to Spark Football Fever

Virtual Penalty Shootout is a modular game which comes with an ease of adjusting the layout and duration. Each round consists of 3 segments:

  • Countdown – depending on this sequence configuration, there should be a countdown or game ad.
  • Shoot – the shoot sequence is 20 seconds long.
  • Results – results sequence length is configurable.

The bets feature two main categories: Goal and No Goal. Players choose one of six goal markets for the goal outcome and can place bets on one of three possible no-goal outcomes.

Virtual Penalty Shootout Betting Types

Detailed Statistics Help Players in Choosing Their Bets

  1. 5 most hit fields

  2. 5 least hit fields

  3. Most hit rows

  4. Most hit columns

  5. Miss, post, save share in no-goal events

  6. Even/odd numbers

  7. Purple/yellow color

  8. Left/right side

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