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Advantages of NSoft's Turnkey Sports Betting Solution

NSoft is a B2B software provider offering a complete package for the betting business. This is possible thanks to a carefully planned and executed modular sports betting platform, a Turnkey Sports Betting Solution.

By Ana Sović, SVP Business Operations

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NSoft office in Maglaj

NSoft opened an office in Maglaj in Q1 2020. Still, the lockdown postponed the official opening so NSoft's Maglaj office had its opening ceremony in the first days of August. We presented our employees, modern working space and interns who got the chance to gain their first working experience there.

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International Women’s Day in NSoft

Technology, one of the world’s most vibrant and exciting industries, continues to be blighted by one disheartening problem: only 17% of roles are filled by women.

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