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A modern take of classic betting game

NSoft's most popular draw-based game and a proven profit generator, Lucky Six, just got better. In order to keep a competitive edge, Lucky Six, our flagship product was revamped with new features.

The recent updates will reflect on multiple components and all channels - web, mobile, retail and terminal.

- Rewritten from scratch for better performance
- Engagement bonus strategies (clovers & bonus round)
- Daily/Weekly/Progressive Jackpot
- Multiple math strategies
- Updated visualization & layout design
- Mobile-first design
- UI/UX updates
- Sound effects added
- Micro-animations & micro-interactions

Game Description

Our customers’ favorite, Lucky Six is a modern take of classic bingo entertainment. Simply put, players choose six lucky balls out of 48 in a drum and challenge their luck up to twelve times in one hour.

It is founded on the concept of the classic draw game where a person gets the chance to pick random numbers or even colors, and follow live draw every five minutes. Due to its vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure, Lucky Six soon became everyone's favorite bingo game.

Lucky Six

draw based betting game on computer generated events (RNG – Random Number Generator)

Draw Type 6/35

48 numbers in total, 35 are generated randomly in a single round

Ball Colours

8 different colour groups, each containing 6 numbers

Round duration

5 minutes, 3 parts: announcement/countdown, draw animation, results

Various bet type possibilities
for your customer entertainment

Standard Bets

Player chooses 6 different numbers out of 48 in total. 35 numbers are randomly generated. If 6 numbers chosen by the player are amongst these 35, the player wins the money prize.

The player picks a colour, which means he basically picks 6 numbers with same colour. The win achieved if the electronic drum generates 6 numbers of the same colour, previously chosen by the player.

Special Bets

Player can guess if there will be more odd or even numbers within first five drawn.

Player can guess whether the first drawn number will be odd or even.

Player can guess whether the sum of first five drawn numbers will be lower or higher than 122.5.

Player can guess whether the first generated number will be lower or higher than 24.5.

What will be the colour of the first drawn ball?

Player picks a number and tries to guess whether it will be amongst first five generated numbers.

Additional Features

Player can choose more than 6 numbers - 7, 8, 9 and 10 numbers. Based on that, pre-defined systems are formed - 6/7, 6/8, 6/9, 6/10.

Player has a chance to earn even more money. How?
· If the player hits one symbol with his numbers, his odds are doubled (x2).
· If the player hits two symbols with his numbers, his odds are tripled (x3).

Betting in advance on the same market type, standard or special, up to 10 consecutive rounds on one betslip.

Player has an option to place a bet on multiple different market types within one betslip.

The most popular draw based game is a proven profit generator

Dynamics and multiple betting markets keep the players coming back for more which means more betslips played. More betslips mean higher growth potential for our customers, because of the nature of the game itself. That is the reason to enrich the game portfolio with our most popular virtual draw based game Lucky Six.

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