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by Robert Matijevic, Managing Director of Seven Sportsbook Platform


NSoft is an omnichannel, turnkey betting and gaming supplier. We could never dare to dream big without a seamless Sportsbook solution and, more importantly, a modular platform and constant process of adaptation and upgrade. Seven platform allows us to easily integrate our products to any client and include the client’s existing game portfolio into the new business. This is our number one asset. With games suitable for different delivery channels, we can cover any aspect of the business. It is a standard now to enable punters to engage in ever-popular Lucky Six or Greyhound Races while waiting for live betting results in the bet shop or to stream two most important matches available for live betting while streaming Next Six draws and result and horse races on other LCDs.

The data shows that punters engaged in live betting online also like to try their luck with the casino content. We have recently closed that gap with Casino vertical within NSoft games dev stream.

Virtual Penalty Shootout is the most recent addition to our virtual sports games portfolio that combines perfectly the thrill of sports betting, animation and a neat backend. The game was shortlisted for Global Gaming Award 2020 in the category Product Launch of the Year.

Trending products #

As the most dynamic form of sports betting, Live Betting recorded rapid growth in the past decade, so our focus was naturally on in-play. We were dedicated to developing the best possible Live Betting software with the best possible conditions, and judging by the feedback from the operators and constant growth, we succeeded.

In 2021 NSoft has developed a comprehensive Live Betting solution by adding Bet Builder and Cash Out features to a new UX/UI improved application for web, mobile, retail and terminals. We have also integrated an AI-driven suggesting mode, VAIX, that creates personalized offers for every player based on the player's preferences. This makes our solution highly competitive in the market.

As an essential differentiation factor for the success of our Live Betting, I would stress the flexibility in terms of odds and risk management. We can offer different profit strategies to the clients to make them competitive in their markets. Live Betting is a high-rolling game, and aggressive profit margins are the ones that attract players to the product. On the other hand, the margins have to be well-managed and monitored to ensure equilibrium in turnover and GGR growth.

Last but not least, the very nature of Live MTS and how we have launched it on the market contributed to the product's success. We offer a turnkey solution for the client based on the revenue sharing model. It is attractive to clients as it doesn't require an initial investment in staff, software or feed, where the client is required to pay only part calculated from the profit.

For the clients who want full autonomy over the complete trading process, we offer a Self-Managed Sportsbook application that provides all necessary functionalities for successful odds compiling, risk management, and analytics.

Distribution per channels #

NSoft was traditionally more of a retail channel oriented company, also strong on terminals. Our goal was to increase online presence, and the situation with lockdown in 2020 speeded up the process. Now we have a healthy ratio of 60:40 in favour of land-based, which resulted in committing our resources into a completely new niche: the casino world. NSoft is well-known as a Sportsbook platform and Virtual games provider, but we were missing one important pillar to round up our in-house offer. We missed a casino slot. That’s why we have gathered the most experienced Dev experts to set a roadmap for slot development. The overall process resulted in developing the on-demand casino game Slingshot 6 that celebrates the Lucky Six legacy and a set of finest, exciting and engaging video slots to our customers.

Sportsbook upgrades in 2022 #

Seven Sportsbook team is working heavily on two significant initiatives and we are expecting to finish both during 2022. It's about a new All in One sportsbook application that will enhance our market penetration potential. The app will enable clients to combine feeds from different feed providers or to import their own odds algorithm. Special attention is dedicated to the risk management and analytics tools. It will support an entire range of automated and manual risk parameters, allowing clients to define the individual modules' automation level.

We plan to increase the usage of AI solutions. We already have a dedicated team working on the video management software Vision that utilises video surveillance and combines it with business analytics. We plan to harvest the power of such a solution to improve risk management modules in retail and terminals. The possibility of connecting potentially risky tickets with anonymous players that made a payment in a bet shop or on a terminal and creating an alert triggered by that player's appearance in another shop would give us an enormous advantage in risk prevention.

We are also planning to use the power of AI in building delay risk algorithms on tickets. The solution would give a delay suggestion based on the pre-match and live ratio on ticket, the current status of live selection, payment, minimal quotes, late bets factor of players and, by this, it would speed up a ticket acceptance process. This is a significant added value, especially for land-based business and queues control in peak time. The feature would be optional, and accompanying analytics can reduce the number of rejected tickets and significantly increase game fluency as one of the desired characteristics of live betting.

We are also in a sprint with our new cross-product - bonus engine that will boost players engagement and retention by combining CRM marketing solutions and gamification.

Self-Managed Sportsbook

Sportsbook Self Managed application offers full autonomy over all trading processes. The operator controls odds compiling and offer creation for each delivery channel through setting risk parameters and risk validation process. It can be done automatically with the pre-defined risk and liability parameters, or manually by traders in the risk verification module. Besides feed driven content, this application allows manual creation of any custom event and accompanying engine, which enables automatic resolve of all outcomes according to predefined result formula.


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