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Powerful Sportsbook software which enables full flexibility, odds and risk management autonomy through different delivery channels.
Self-Managed application is fully integrated into Seven Platform and gives the customer full autonomy of custom events creation, odds management and risk management.

Basic features


  • Multi feed support
  • Custom events creation support
  • Comprehensive Trading Tool
  • Multi resolve option (betclear, result formula, manual)
  • Advanced Risk Management and Analysis tool
  • Automatic Liability risk management and real-time monitoring
  • Ticket authorization & Ticker re-offer interface
  • Real-time reporting



Odds Management and Trading Tools

Sportsbook Self Managed application supports the use of diferent feeds by diferent providers including the possibility of importing your own odds scheme algorithms.

  • Fully automated
  • Semi automated
  • Manual

Besides the possibility to fully automate the process, your bookmakers retain total control over all modules of the application. Depending on the level of automation your need for human resources can be substantially reduced decreasing your operational expenses.

Betradar Unified Odds Feed key features

  • Real time settlement (early betclear message) Odds key management per match and period level
  • Margin adjustment (spread percentage across the outcomes of key markets)
  • Use of custom and multiple templates
  • Advanced alert system
  • Faster and more comfortable service handling
  • Accelerated data transmission increase eficiency and flexibility in trading





Risk Management

Effective and flexible risk management tools enable your full control over the risk parameters, whether those are tournaments, market types, odds, players, retail shops, detection of the same tickets and many more. Special attention is dedicated to Risk Management module which allows you to minimize the risk and increase the profit through the combination of automatic and manual tools.


Key features

  • Automatic liability model based on number of different risk factors
  • Risk management rules
  • Same ticket detection
  • Limiting only particular betting pattern
  • Ticket Authorization interface with ticket re-offer option
  • Real time Liability monitoring tool
  • Ticket load progression monitoring


  • Real-time settlement
  • Betclear resolve
  • Formula resolve based on results
  • Manual resolve
  • Distribution mode
    • Automatic
    • Manual

Analytic reporting

Our web-based Sportsbook Reporting module allows you easy access to all major data needed for accurate adjustment of your odds and risk strategy.

  • Sports
  • Tournaments
  • Markets
  • Matches
  • Players
  • Betshops
  • Ticket Selections
  • Ticket Load progression
  • Retail offer management
    • Configure your own print templates


  • Single
  • Accumulator
  • System
  • Multisystem
  • Ways

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