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Fantasy-themed online slot game

Guardians of the Forest - NSoft’s world of imagination and enchantment


Fantasy-themed online slot Guardians of the Forest #

Fantasy casino slots cover lots of different themes and styles, so you’ll never run out of new games to play. Each game is developed to bring the characters to life while providing an unforgettable gaming experience with plenty of opportunities to win.

Everything is possible when we talk about NSoft’s pool of fantasy-themed video slot games. You can head beneath the waves and get up close and personal with mermaids from the Atlantis or take to the high seas and live a pirate's life.

Also, you can join brave forest guardians to bring the lost spirit of nature to the enchanted woodland.

Guardians of the Forest - online slot players are looking forward to.

Warning - Prepare yourself for the epic-fantasy movie scenery in NSoft’s mythical online slot!

The action is placed in an ancient forest; time of action is lost in the corridors of time… Silence, camera and action!

The infamous Maalo drank water from the Source Of Life without having previously performed the necessary rituals and sacrifices. By doing so, he disturbed the harmony of the Forest and therefore, all its treasures, sacred stones and elixirs were scattered throughout the Forest.

Guardians of the Forest are responsible for looking out for their habitat and preventing any desecration of its sacredness. Beautiful Nyra is one of the guardians of the forest. She is on a mission to rediscover and gather all of the lost forest treasures and unleash their true power.

The Pitch

With 5-reel and 20 fixed pay lines, Guardians of the Forest features nine symbols, plus Wild and Bonus symbols.

The all-seeing Orc acts as a Wild, which means you can use it to replace other icons. Other symbols of the game visualise lost forest treasures like colourful gems, secret elixir, white quartz, shield and healing mushroom. The most paid icon in the game is Nyra, the guardian. If you get 5 of them, you can get 700 x your bet.


96,02% RTP, max single line win x 100.000 bet, hit frequency 45,20 % with high volatility


To play Guardians of the Forest, players simply must set their bets and click the spin button to spin the reels.

When players hit a symbol combination on an active payline, starting from the leftmost reel, they have won. The more symbols of the same kind on an active payline, the higher the payout. Only the highest win is paid for each active payline.

Three or more wooden treasure chest bonus symbols appearing anywhere on reels will trigger the bonus free spins feature in the game. The free spins feature allows players to spin the reels and collect wins, usually multiplied, without placing a bet. Free spins play at the same bet amount as the last spin.
You will be awarded ten free spins with different multipliers depending on the number of bonus symbols which unlocked the Free spins feature. The number of free spins is unlimited since free spins can trigger new free spins and so on. The multipliers during the bonus game go up to 10 and apply to all winnings from the free spins bonus game.

The gamble feature is card-based and is available every time the player wins in the main game. The Gamble game gives players an option to increase their winnings by gambling their winnings from the last spin. Players guess the colour of the next revealed card (black or red). Every card is drawn from a reshuffled full standard 52-card deck. The players can use the ‘Split’ option to gamble only half of their winnings.

A correct guess doubles the win. However, a wrong guess means the win is lost.

The win can be gambled until an incorrect guess or until a limit is reached. Collecting the win ends the gamble feature. Players are allowed to gamble ten times during a single gamble round.

Every winning spin can trigger the jackpot, and every player can get the jackpot. The condition to trigger the jackpot is that the player makes a winning spin. A jackpot can be triggered anytime at any jackpot value. Simply said, these prize pots grow until someone wins!

With listed features and a max win potential of x100,000 their stake, players will have the chance to enjoy exciting visits to the ancient mythical forest in the Guardian of the Forest online slot.

The game is distinguished by strong visualisation and features advanced technologies that really bring the story to life. Guardians of the Forest can be the original and reactive backdrop to your slots play.

Paytable’s low frequency, and very high volatility, should satisfy all players who are looking for excitement while playing. Try the demo and check on the other online slots within the casino portfolio.


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