Spin and Win: A Standout Game for Your Brick and Mortar Setup


There’s something undeniably classic about a Roulette-style game, isn’t there? Simple in its essence but compelling every single time. That’s what we at NSoft's Virtual Games Team realized, and it drove us to craft Spin and Win for operators in the brick and mortar space.

Designed for Players, Tailored for Operators #

Drawing inspiration from the age-old Roulette logic, this game isn't just another addition to the shelf. It's a solution.

For players, it offers a fresh yet familiar gaming experience. For operators, it's a meticulously designed tool to enhance their offerings. And guess what? Even if you're using low-performance devices in your establishment, this game won't skip a beat.

Josip Vrbić, our MD for Seven Games, summed it up best, “Spin and Win strikes a balance. While it resonates with players for its simplicity and betting opportunities, operators will find it a valuable asset, especially if their audience leans towards roulette-style games."

Visual Engagement is Key #

Spin and Win game

While gameplay is crucial, visual presentation can't be sidelined. With Spin and Win, we've ensured that both go hand in hand. Its striking colour palette complements the game's centralized wheel, which remains ever-visible, beckoning players for action. And the best part? Every aspect of the game's appearance can be tailored to resonate with your specific market.

A Deeper Dive into Spin and Win #

Modular and Engaging: We've built Spin and Win to be fast-paced and adaptive. It's not just another spin game; it’s one the best and most popular virtual betting games. Its vivid visuals captivate, and thanks to our development team's tech prowess, it's versatile across various devices.

The Wheel in Focus: Always centered, always calling. Marked with numbers from 0 to 36, its presence is undeniably dominant. And with markets on the pay table lighting up in sequence, the anticipation is always palpable.

Features Breakdown #

  • Rounds: Segmented into countdowns, spins, and results. A fresh round is ready every 30 seconds, keeping the momentum alive.

  • Pay Table: It's not just about the spin. Betting markets from Straight up, Dozens, to Odd/Even, and Red/Black, are clearly displayed.

  • Real-Time Stats: Stay updated. Right beside the wheel, you'll find stats from hot numbers, cold numbers, to the latest 10 results.

Wrapping Up #

If you're looking to up your game in the brick and mortar space, Spin and Win is your ticket. Don't just take our word for it; get in touch with the NSoft sales team. Experience firsthand how this game can redefine your operations.


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