Spin and Win – a great game for your brick and mortar


NSoft Virtual Games Team has created a stunning new game for operators’ brick and mortar business. It’s Spin and Win – a draw-based game that uses Roulette logic.

“This game performs well even on low performing devices. It is simple yet stunning in design and betting possibilities. Spin and Win is perfect for retail channel, brick and mortar operators, that want to offer new thrilling content to its players who like to play roulette-style games,” stated Josip Vrbić, Head of Virtual Games Product at NSoft.

Spin&Win is a fast-paced modular game. The visualisation shows paytable, the wheel and the statistic in the stunning colour palette. Visual presentation of the game plays a great role when we talk about engagement. That’s why NSoft’s Spin and Win is no exception from other games of ours. It is fully customizable by appearance in order to address every market specifics.

The centrally positioned wheel of the game is always visible no matter if the round has started or not and it always calls for action.

The game offers four markets: Straight up, Dozens (1, 2, 3), Odd/Even and Red/Black.

The statistic displays five the most drawn and five the least drawn numbers together with 10 latest results.

Learn more about the game – contact NSoft sales team.


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