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Sportsbook Upgrades: NSoft's Ticket Algorithm, Bookies & Live Visuals

by Dražan Planinić, Chief Operating Officer at NSoft


I think we can all agree that the heart and soul of any sport are its fans. Their passion and dedication turn every match into an electrifying spectacle. Now, blend in the thrill of betting and you've got yourself an explosive combination. And thanks to our ever-advancing mobile tech, sports betting has become more accessible than ever, allowing every twist and turn of the game to become a potential jackpot moment.

Considering this, it’s no surprise that there's a thriving community out there: from casual fans placing their occasional bets, to pros who leverage every piece of tech they can get their hands on, all to follow their teams and make their predictions. And if we're going to build the best Sportsbook software for them, we need to be on our toes, right?

Our Vision and Goals for Sportsbook Software #

Before stepping into the COO shoes at NSoft, I was right in the thick of things as the Head of Sportsbook. I've seen our product's evolution firsthand. Our focus? Two main goals:

  1. Fine-tune our current solution for sustained growth and market dominance.

  2. Innovate and introduce the Next Gen Seven Sportsbook, elevating our game against competition.

And I have to say, the journey has been thrilling. Today, I want to pull back the curtain on some of the challenges we faced and how we turned them into opportunities.

Mastering the Art of Ticket Routing #

NSoft's ticket routing algorithm

Imagine you’re a bookie. You have a flood of tickets coming in, and you have to make sure each one gets to the right place. Sounds daunting, right? When we crafted our Sportsbook Self-Managed system - a tool that offers bookmakers autonomy in odds, risk management, and more - we grappled with some pressing questions:

  1. How can we ensure the ticket reaches the right bookie?

  2. Should traders have the flexibility to prioritize specific bet shops, online players, or even VIP players? (Spoiler: Yes, they should.)

  3. What if someone overseeing 25 bet shops suddenly takes a break – what happens to their influx of tickets? (And no, we’re not forwarding them to the restroom!)

  4. How can we balance the workload if one bookie gets overwhelmed with tickets from a particular bet shop while others remain idle?

And here's the big one: Some clients don’t have bookies available round the clock. So, when tickets pour in during those off-hours, who takes charge?

Our answer to these puzzles was the implementation of a dynamic routing algorithm. Before a ticket finds its way to a bookie, this algorithm examines multiple data points, analyzes them, and ensures the ticket lands in the best hands. It’s like a GPS for tickets, ensuring they always find their best route. Here's a peek into the algorithm's logic:

  1. Has the bookie recently managed tickets from this specific bet shop?

  2. Have any bookies specifically chosen that bet shop?

  3. Are there instances where multiple bookies picked the same shop?

  4. What's the current queue of tickets for a given bookie?

  5. Is there human intervention, or does it all run automatically?

Our algorithm continuously refines its decisions, ensuring both clients and punters receive top-notch service.

Revamping Live Betting for Retail #

NSoft's live betting in retail

Now, retail Sportsbook comes with its own set of hurdles. From managing hardware at remote sites, considering diverse display capacities, to juggling varied client needs across time zones and markets, it's no small feat. With our vast reach, spanning multiple continents and thousands of bet shops, the question was: How do we provide a consistent Live betting experience for the retail businesses?

We encountered several challenges:

  • TV displays needed versatility, as some shops might have a single screen, while others might boast of multiple.

  • Speedy bet placement required concise event IDs.

  • Clients had varied preferences, from deep market offers for singular matches to showcasing top markets for multiple matches.

  • Some desired a plug-and-play solution, while others wanted a hands-on approach, crafting offers themselves.

Our solutions were as diverse as the challenges:

  • Different layouts: We now have layouts to cater to various needs. Want a stream with one or two events per TV with numerous markets? Done. Or maybe you're after 10 or 20 events per TV with main markets? We've got that too.

  • TV display options: We've expanded our flexibility. From 1/1 displays (for one-TV shops) to 4/4 setups (for those with four TVs). With up to 10 distinct display choices, every TV can showcase a unique offer. And with 10 TVs? You're looking at a whopping 250 events at once.

  • Provider-client toggle: On the provider end, our 24/7 offer is ever-present. But switch to client mode, and it dynamically shifts to offers curated by the client's traders—in real-time.

  • Customization made easy: If our offer hits almost the right note, but you want to tweak a few events or markets? Just copy, paste, and modify. It's streamlined to save time.

  • Event visualization: Traders now have a live view of how many matches will appear on screen throughout the day. Empty screens? Not on our watch.

  • Names & translations: Keeping it concise and clear. Whether it's event names, markets, outcomes, teams, or tournaments, they're all succinct. Plus, we offer translations in multiple languages and even custom naming for unique client preferences.

  • Dynamic markets: Some markets close during events (like at half-time). Nothing to worry about. Our displays adapt in real-time, updating markets and information as the game progresses.

Why It All Matters: The Essence of Sports Betting #

transforming sports betting businesses with cutting-edge software

At its core, sports betting software isn't just a product. It’s the lifeblood of every operator, every bet shop. Our mission at NSoft? To answer this: “How can our software elevate your business?”

Over the years, NSoft has grown, not just in size but in our approach. We’ve built strong relationships based on trust, always keeping our ear to the ground, listening to customer feedback, and staying ahead of market trends.

So, gear up! Our behind-the-scenes journey into the world of NSoft Sportsbook continues. Keep an eye out for the Deep Dive #2. Catch you there!


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