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Gamification tool Boost to level up player engagement

NSoft steps ahead of the competition with Boost, Next-Gen gamification and engagement tool covering all delivery channels.


By Josip Vrbić, MD Seven Games

Through its years of experience in the iGaming industry, NSoft has always strived to create beautiful and functional products with excellent user experience. There is always room for improvement, and the providers must catch the latest glimpses of software innovation to use them for further product enhancement. One must keep an eye open on players' trends and preferences and have that in mind while creating new betting content.

NSoft delivers the best entertainment to players worldwide with unique in-house content and design. The creative journey behind every product is our reward. Unifying the market trends with the desires of our customers and the feedback received from the players worldwide can be quite challenging. But these conclusions have proven to be the most valuable assets in practice.

What is Boost?

Finding the right balance between innovation and simplicity was the key. Players are increasingly looking for more instant gamification tools that allow them to play and place bets at their own pace. So, we created a tool for attracting, retaining, and reactivating players.

NSoft`s Boost is the ultimate gamification, social and engagement tool designed to make the products fun and engaging for players and increase their lifetime value. We could say that a Boost is a tool that helps you to align player desires and operators' business goals and objectives.

It is built using the three psychological factors of the mind - gamification, achievements, and competition. Those factors are proven to be the main driving force for any human being in different spheres of life, and casinos and betting are no exception.

The Boost can further enhance any product from NSoft`s extensive portfolio, be it from the Casino category, Sports betting, Lottery, or Virtual games, bringing a unified experience to the whole platform.

The benefits of Boost for operators worldwide

Simple, multifunctional, and modular, the Boost can be integrated into any product and any platform. The operator can take control of the gamification process with much exclusive, personalized, and whatnot content. The Boost brings another layer of excitement and fun on top of everything else while fulfilling an increasing cross-over demand between sports betting and casino-style games.

Building competitive community

The Boost helps operators to increase the lifetime value of the player. With higher conversion rates, improved retention, and especially reactivation of players who stopped playing for whatever reason, the Boost will increase engagement and help the operators to build an active, healthy, and competitive community. As players grow with their badges, points, and levels and earn special awards, they will less likely to abandon their progress.

Multi-channel experience

The important thing to mention is that Boost works on all channels - web, mobile, terminal, and retail. This takes NSoft a step ahead of the competition by offering gamification and engagement tool for products on the retail channel. Tracking the real-time activity of the players, top winners, and tournaments presented on a TV in retail shops certainly offers additional excitement and better engagement.

Adding layers of entertainment with the gamification tool Boost

The beauty of gamification is that operators can always find something that works for their business and apply it. Achievement is one of the most powerful psychological factors that affect our behavior. Everything we do, we do for a feeling of achievement, and the whole gamification concept is built on it.

We can easily gamify the experience with Boost by capitalizing on bonuses - the player feels progress while playing the games, even when the player doesn't make the winning shots.

The Boost brings numerous benefits for players, such as easy access to any product, simple design, real-time updates about tournaments and challenges, and the prizes they will receive by just playing or taking some special quest or tournament. It`s about creating layers of entertainment for the players. As the game progresses, the longer the players play, the more attractive the prizes will be hard to let go of.

In the iGaming world, the Gamification tools are truly a valuable asset, be it in Casino or Sports betting, and an even more powerful tool when coupled with bonuses.


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