NSoft`s Lucky X and Next Six released to Europebet


Europebet has extended their online offer with two more games Lucky X and Next Six

The games are integrated onto customers web platform enabling players to experience the thrill of modern entertainment.

Initially, Europebet, the Georgian operator and NSoft have started successful cooperation with Lucky Six, NSoft’s must-have draw-based game.

In Next Six, players have the chance to bet which numbers will be drawn from the drum throughout the whole round providing the game with the characteristics of live betting making it even more entertaining to the players.

Lucky X offers the players a chance to pick random numbers or colours and follow the live draw every five minutes. In order to win, the player must guess all chosen numbers within the sequence and within bet type rules. Winning odd equals the odd on which the last chosen number lands.

Bingo and lottery-type games never lose their popularity. Their transfer to the virtual environment has increased their acceptance among the players due to the speed and visualisation. Draw-based games are essential for every betting company and the variety of NSoft`s products covers this area in every aspect.

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