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Setting the Gold Standard: NSoft’s Virtual Sports Power Trio

by Josip Vrbić, Managing Director for Seven Games


In the world of virtual sports betting, standing out isn’t just about creating games; it's about shaping experiences that resonate. So let’s take a look at NSoft's flagship virtual sports trio: Greyhound Races, Virtual Soccer, and Virtual Horse Races. Designed with precision, they serve both operators and players, offering reliable gaming experiences that don’t compromise on quality.

Greyhound Races: Realism Meets Virtual #

When we rolled out two versions of our Greyhound Races, the goal was simple: give operators options and let players decide. The verdict? Despite the same game mechanics, our real-life footage game swiftly outpaced its CGI counterpart. It's accessible everywhere - from retail to mobile channels. The game's fusion of authentic dog racing footage with a reliable RNG backend hits the sweet spot for punters worldwide. And for our operators, it translates to engaged players and consistent business.

Virtual Soccer: Tapping Into Global Frenzy #

The world is obsessed with soccer (or football, if you will). So, when we crafted our Virtual Soccer, we made sure it mirrored the real-world thrill. Underpinned by RNG, outcomes remain as unpredictable as a live match, ensuring that betting thrill remains genuine. The proof? In just a span from December 2021 to May 2022, our clients saw a surge in ticket numbers by 18.5%. Operating 24/7, available across channels, it’s reliable (no rain checks here) and delivers a betting experience that keeps punters coming back.

Virtual Horse Races: Where Strategy Meets Speed #

Horse racing is about anticipation and strategy. Our Virtual Horse Races encapsulate that. Just like our dog races, the mechanics here are straightforward yet engaging, with eight competitors in a virtual hippodrome and a slew of betting options. The adaptability, especially with configurable round durations, ensures that operators can tailor the experience to their audience's preferences.

Special Mention: Virtual Penalty Shootout #

Football's drama often peaks during penalty shootouts. With mocap technology at its heart, our Virtual Penalty Shootout captures this intensity. This direct face-off between striker and goalkeeper is more than just a game; it's an experience. From detailed betting options, ranging from exact field choices to predicting the unpredictable outcomes like misses and saves, we're elevating the very essence of virtual sports betting.

The Tech Backbone #

Our games are never just about the visuals; they are about authenticity. Motion capture tech lets us create lifelike movements, making virtual games feel more real than ever. RNG ensures unpredictability, keeping the thrill alive. Whether it's the intense realism of a CGI-rendered game or the authenticity of actual footage, we've got both bases covered.

The Bigger Picture #

Virtual sports betting is no longer a sideshow—it's mainstage. While they might not overshadow giants like Sportsbook or Online Casino in popularity, their place is cemented. And as market preferences evolve, customization becomes crucial. We understand that. Whether it’s jersey colors mirroring local favorites or other specifics, NSoft’s Games team is all in.


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