Your Bet Shop in a Box: The T-1000

This terminal is a game-changer for operators in the sports betting industry - an entire bet shop packed in 170x50x60 cm of beautifully designed and custom branded metal frame. The T-1000 is a self-service, high-quality betting machine that allows you to modify components as required. From bill validators, coin acceptors, and scanners to printers and card readers, it's ready for any enhancement you deem necessary.

Sharp Design & Superior Display


The kiosk has a cool curved front design and can have dual, single, or portrait touch screen monitors.

It has a split door on the front for easy access, making support operations like cash collection, repairs, and maintenance a breeze. The built-in safes for coins and cash are easy to get to, which helps speed up your operations.


The T-1000 uses PCAP, a touch screen technology that you'd find on most high-end smartphones. It's known for being highly accurate, having a smooth finish, and offering multi-touch capability.

Detail-Oriented Approach: The Stark Way

Systematic planning ensures attention to the smallest details, while strategic vision guarantees that our sports betting kiosk remains a market leader.

Distinctive LED Lighting

Strategically positioned LED lights give the T-1000 a distinct look, masterfully blending aesthetics and functionality. This design allows it to stand out among other SSBTs without distracting players.

Try switching the power ON or OFF

Try different colour options for the T-1000!

Custom Branding: Your Brand, Your Way

This cutting-edge kiosk is not just about functionality - it's about your brand too. With its white-label flexibility, the T-1000 adapts to your style, allowing you to choose any color from the RAL palette for a seamless fit into your business.

Multi-Screen Connectivity

The T-1000 can operate as a fully functional mini bet shop. It has the capability to connect up to three televisions, facilitating multiple players to place bets while others enjoy their favourite games.

Body Types: Slim or Wider, Your Choice

The T-1000 is one of the slimmest sportsbook kiosks on the market, but if you need more space for specific peripherals, you can opt for a wider body.

Three Display Options

Fully Modular

The T-1000 is modular, providing three different display options: single screen, dual screen, or portrait screen, tailored to your business's terminal betting needs. If you have TV screens in your store, you can use them to project what's on the screen of the kiosk.


You can use the dual screen kiosk with TV screens to project multiple products, or use it as a standalone machine for different products that need two screens, such as In-Play betting or Draw-based games. The portrait screen version is great when you need to show a big In-Play or Pre-Match Sports Betting offer.

Additional Options

Kiosk Body Type

  • The terminal case comes in either ultra-slim or widebody options, depending on your preferences and chosen components.
  • Screen options include landscape single screen, landscape dual-screen, or portrait single screen displays.

PC Type

  • Available in Industrial or Commercial versions
  • Compatible with AMD and Intel processors

Display Options

  • 24” full HD LCD display
  • 27” full HD LCD display only available in portrait mode

  • Wide-view angle
  • PCAP touchscreen solution
  • SCT touch screen solution

You can define the type and manufacturer of electronic components in your betting terminal. This includes coin and bill acceptors, printers, barcode scanners, and card readers, providing a fully modular SSBT solution for your business.

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