T 1000 PRO: Adaptability on Demand

The T-1000 PRO has a design that's as adaptable as it is intuitive. It effortlessly syncs up with a wide range of peripherals and equipment combinations. This makes your operations smooth as butter and amps up the user experience to a whole new level.

Functionality and Safety

Maintenance Made Simple

Accessibility is a key asset here. With larger doors and more working space around the terminal, tasks like paper reloading, money collection and parts servicing become a breeze. This betting machine is designed for minimal fuss, keeping downtime low and operational lifespan high.

Lock and Load—Securely

Security isn't an afterthought. Our reinforced locking system acts like a fortress, safeguarding critical components and assets inside the kiosk. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your investments are secure from unauthorized access or vandalism.

Intelligent AI Surveillance

This terminal isn't just about placing bets and playing games; it has eyes—thanks to optional AI-enhanced NSoft Vision cameras. They don't just watch; they analyze, offering valuable data to optimize operations and user experiences. Plus, their real-time alert system acts as your first line of defense against suspicious activities and fraudulent actions.

Lights, Action, Attraction!

Get ready to grab attention with custom lighting that does more than just illuminate. Choose from a passive, consistent glow or go full-on dynamic with active LED effects that entice potential customers.

Click the SWITCH button to change lighting

More Screen, More Fun

Why settle for small when you can go big? Offer your customers an experience like never before on 24" or 27" high-quality monitors, making each betting or gaming session a visual treat.

Extra Security Features

On-The-Go Alarm

A built-in alarm system is ever-ready to alert you if the terminal is moved without authorization. It's your first line of defense against theft and vandalism.

Interior Lighting

Pop open the door, and a light comes on, making any SSBT maintenance work easier and safer. Simple, but genius.

Put Your Brand Front and Center

We offer extra real estate for your brand logo—not just at the bottom, but also prominently above the screen. Make your brand unforgettable, integrating marketing and promotions effortlessly right on the terminal.

The T-1000 PRO isn't just a sports betting kiosk—it's a complete, intelligent retail gambling solution. With the perfect balance of power, ease, and security, it offers everything you need to elevate your game.

Additional Options

Kiosk Body Type

  • The terminal case comes in either ultra-slim or widebody options, depending on your preferences and chosen components.
  • Screen options include landscape single screen, landscape dual-screen, or portrait single screen displays.

PC Type

  • Available in Industrial or Commercial versions
  • Compatible with AMD and Intel processors

Display Options

  • 24” full HD LCD display
  • 27” full HD LCD display only available in portrait mode

  • Wide-view angle
  • PCAP touchscreen solution
  • SCT touch screen solution

You can define the type and manufacturer of electronic components in your betting terminal. This includes coin and bill acceptors, printers, barcode scanners, and card readers, providing a fully modular SSBT solution for your business.

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