Astonishing graphics and numerous wagering options provide unforgettable gaming experience

Realistic animated creations with unique UI

Greyhounds, horses, cars, motorcycles – most popular computer generated races based on real sports events can be found in our portfolio. Our exclusive partnership with Betradar allows us to offer their virtual sports games through our sales channels, which brings you even more 

diversity to offer to your customers. Variety of virtual sports games found in our portfolio will satisfy bookmakers and preferences of different markets and serve as the key driving force to realizing your growth strategy.

Slot Car Races

Highly competitive selection of races

Placing bets all day long was made easy with this exclusive game on the market. Slot Car Races displays already recorded selection of races.

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Greyhound Races

A true hippodrome experience!

Greyhound Races is a betting game where players place bets on one or more out of six dogs that are racing at the track. The race is pre-recorded and a new one is displayed every few minutes.

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Virtual Greyhound Races

Incredibly popular and enjoyable betting sport

Virtual Greyhound Races is a virtual betting game where players place bets on one or more out of 6-8 dogs that are racing at the track. Outcomes are result of a software, an electronic random number generator (RNG).

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Virtual Horse Races

Best looking game in modern, virtual era

Virtual Horse Races is a virtual sports betting game where players place bets on one or more out of 6-8 horses that are racing at the track. Outcomes are result of an electronic random number generator (RNG). So realistic, so beautiful - it offers visualization of live standings and race progress, as well as visually appealing statistics.

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Virtual Motorcycle Speedway

Fast and exciting four laps on the dirty track

Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is a motorcycle racing sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing on oval track. As every virtual sports betting game, it is based on real sports events. Extremely fast and exciting four laps of the dirt track make it soon became one of the most enjoyable racing games in betting world.

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Virtual Penalty Shootout

Virtual Penalty Shootout is a nerve-racking nail-biting showdown between a goalkeeper and the penalty taker

NSoft brings this excitement in the latest addition to its portfolio, the Virtual Penalty Shootout.
Goal is divided into 24 fields, from top left to bottom right.
Players can place bets on the outcome of the shootout, whether they’ll opt for a number of goal and no-goal outcomes.

Virtual Drag Races

Burning tires, roaring engines and 10 seconds full of excitement

Virtual Drag Races is a virtual car drag racing game filled with excitement. NSoft is known to take on challenges, so we decided to bring these car races into our virtual world. Which one of two racers will reach the finish line faster - that is what the bets are placed on, as simple as that.

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Virtual Football League

Cheering crowd, excellent football players and exciting matches

Virtual Football Solution powerfully combines the latest in artificial intelligence and 3D animation with an extensive virtual football league betting offering. With eight matches always running simultaneously, virtual football betting software provides the most popular sports betting solutions that can be combined to create multiples. A guaranteed turnover-driver for your business.

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Virtual Tennis Open

High frequency betting experience

Betradar’s Virtual Tennis Open, the most realistic and revenue-driving tennis software product on the market, is available on our platform. Based on the analysis of over 25.000 real tennis matches Virtual Tennis offers exceptional levels of realism and statistical depth.

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Certificates serve as a proof our products meet the highest requirements of the betting and gaming industry.


Our virtual games are certified by iTech, which is an approved testing laboratory for online gaming systems. Certificate issued by iTech confirms our games are statistically random, unpredictable and that the results cannot be influenced or adjusted.

BMM Testlabs

NSoft is in possession of BMM Spain Testlabs s.l.u. certificate which confirms that NSoft’s virtual games (Lucky Six, Lucky X, Virtual Greyhound Races, Virtual Horse Races and Greyhound Races) meet all the necessary requirements.

Delivery channels

Our products are available on various channels, devices and operating systems. Depending on their needs, our customers have the ability to select their preferences.





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