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Real Lottery Draws from All Over the World

NSoft Lottery allows players to bet on outcomes of actual lottery draws from around the world. Players can place exciting bets on the results of international lotteries. The odds are configurable, and the product is built to satisfy providers and users. This Lottery game has the highest quality and security standards, with rich and constantly evolving features to ensure better player engagement.

Players can choose winning lottery numbers from 160+ lotteries from more than 70 countries, seven days in advance, including both drum-based and RNG-based lotteries and several rapid lotteries. The lottery has a high draw frequency, with 44,000+ lottery per month.

There are many online lottery game types, and we can make separate lotteries with a bonus ball (powerball and additional ball), as well as lotteries without a bonus ball.

Players can also bet on drum-based or RNG (Random Number Generator) based draws. Depending on the type of lottery game they want to play, players choose numbers they believe will be drawn. To win, they have to guess all the numbers. Players choose numbers on the rules of a standard bet, but the probability of winning is increased as the hit of the bonus ball will also count.

Lottery Visualization

We offer live draw visualization for Greece Keno 20/80. Visualization is supported for web channel; it includes numbers drawing simulation and basic statistics. The statistics are summarized per tournament and related to the period of the last 7 days, including the current day.

Elements of visualization:

  • Countdown until next draw

  • Waiting on results

  • Draw simulation

Various Bet Type Possibilities for Your Customer Entertainment

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