NSoft Academy: Fostering Growth, Driving Success


Welcome to a new era of online learning at NSoft with the NSoft Academy - not a new client, product, or feature, but an interactive learning experience designed to help you better understand NSoft's products and solutions.

Introducing NSoft Academy: Master NSoft Products with Ease #

The NSoft Academy is here to make your online product training experience easy and enjoyable. Our platform provides useful NSoft tutorials, focusing on our Self Managed Sportsbook platform, offering a streamlined way to learn, gain product proficiency and build confidence.

By guiding you to use Self Managed efficiently, NSoft Academy aims to make the lives of new clients, traders, and internal employees who frequently engage with the Self Managed product, easier. Once you complete your online course and score at least 75% on the final test, you'll receive an NSoft Academy certification, proving your skill in managing the Self Managed product.

Earn Your NSoft Academy Certification #

The certification process doesn't have a timeframe set in stone, but it's ideal to finish within a week. Over four to five working days, you can go through several NSoft Self Managed tutorials each day, and then spend about 30 minutes on the final day to take the test.

NSoft Academy offers three levels of learning: Basic, Standard, and Advanced. The Basic level covers metadata setting, while the Standard level explores high-risk actions like match and odd distribution. The Advanced level delves deeper into risk management tutorials, rules, reporting, and analysis.

The certification test is specifically designed for traders and individuals who frequently interact with the Self Managed product. Even if you don't take the test, you can still learn a lot about the product from the NSoft Academy.

Meet the NSoft Academy Team #

The NSoft Academy is the brainchild of a dedicated team. Tino Čarapina, our Sportsbook product manager, had the idea and content, and Matea Vučič, our L&D Specialist, brought it to life using her experience with the Moodle platform. Nikola Rakić, Julijan Bago, Goran Planinić, and Marko Džidić set up the technical side of things, including launching the Moodle courses, setting up the server, and adding design elements for the academy.

Together, they've created engaging content, video tutorials, and tests, setting everything up for an enriching and user-centric learning experience.

NSoft Academy: Your Partner for Continued Learning #

As the betting and iGaming industry evolves, NSoft Academy remains a dynamic and ever-improving software training platform. We're committed to expanding our offerings and refining our learning experience based on user feedback and the shifting needs of the industry. In the near future, we will be adding modules on Live Betting, Lucky Six, Greyhound races, and more. NSoft Academy will always remain a dynamic, valuable resource, reflecting our unwavering commitment to client success.


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