Introducing our new Brand at ICE Totally Gaming 2018


Celebrating the 10th anniversary milestone, we can proudly state that NSoft has established itself as one of the leading gaming software providers. Our company creates the highest quality software that is driven by data, analytics, research and intuition.

NSoft at this festive year has reached the right mindset, developing in all ways, branching into new products and territories, remaining a steady partner to appreciated customers.

It was the time to refresh the company’s identity and set sails to new adventures.

We have decided to refresh the logo, extending the emphasis of a gaming software provider onto the comprehensive business solutions provider offering diverse portfolio holding flexible solutions for automation management. This extended to custom logotype, logo animation, business card, poster, website design and other marketing collateral.

The aim was to create an influential and yet, publicly recognizable identity that would allow NSoft’s products to have their own space within the worldwide community.

We have chosen the silhouette of an astronaut’s helmet to represent our new identity. Deriving from Greek, an astronaut is a complex word meaning astro (star) + naut (sailor). Astronauts have to pilot the spacecraft as well as do its servicing, that’s an NSofter indeed.

In an evolving community, having NSoft as a leader in software innovation is an obligation and a commitment. NSofters can easily relate to a symbolism of an astronaut. NSofter stands out as one for all, behind the helmet you never know who made a product, an individual achievement is perceived as common success. The result is what counts and the mutual goal is to deliver and perform the best of our capabilities. Working in a family-like environment NSofter has an opportunity to grow and work on different aspects of his individuality, professional or personal with constant support and guidance.

The designer, Goran Culjak, standing behind the rebrenading idea explaining his motivation says: ‘’It’s an evolution not a revolution. We wanted to make something more unified, cohesive and focused, something that really reads NSoft. In order to map the nonexistent boundaries for the NSoft’s employees and products a simplified silhouette of an astronaut’s helmet was used as a symbol. NSofters work with sophisticated equipment creating innovative products and are often perceived as out of space in local community. The NSoft building is a second home, a space. Home is where you belong – it is what makes this global community so special, for the first time you can belong anywhere, wherever our product lives.’’

We have pivoted, expanded into new product lines, acquired new clients and believe there is always something new behind every idea of our astronaut coworkers.

We invite you to follow your curiosity with us!


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