NSoft acknowledged with a ‘Reliability 2017’ certificate


NSoft, provider of premium quality solutions for gaming and betting industry, has been acknowledged with a new certificate “Reliability 2017”.

Business conference “Reliability 2017”, was launched three years ago by a prestigious company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, LRC d.o.o. Sarajevo, with the aim of identifying companies in the domestic market that record over-business results, was held today in Sarajevo.

The announcement of the most reliable companies is solely based upon the results of the analysis of the operations indicators that are framed in internationally recognized standards and criteria.

Ivana Perković, HR Manager has said: ‘’Every acknowledgment is important to us, especially if NSoft is being recognized from a professional public. It is our duty to be a motivation for new successes and to maintain the credibility gained in our society‘’.

With this latest acknowledgment in mind NSoft is continuing its preparations for ICE Totally Gaming 2018 participation where new product palette and achievements shall be presented.


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