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NSoft expands it retail offer with Lottery

Maximizing the potential of the numbers betting community.


With years of experience in the betting and gaming industry under the belt,

NSoft is software solution provider that offers a suite of products including: Seven Platform; Sportsbook software; Virtual and Casino games; Hardware: Self-Service Betting Terminals (SSBT) and most recently, an AI-driven video management system Vision.

The company has made another step forward in providing the best in class products and services for its 140 customers across 35+ countries worldwide.

NSoft's Lottery is now available for the land-based shops as well, making it closer than ever to punters worldwide while raising the bar of social interaction among them and driving engagement.

The company's lifelong commitment is the passion and motivation standing behind every product from our extensive portfolio, and the allure of Lottery is inevitable - players bet on outcomes of actual lottery draws from all around the world, in the hope of winning the jackpot. The odds are configurable and the bets are placed on the results of international lotteries.

The extensive Lottery offer is provided seven days in advance through Betradar Unified Odds Feed (UOF). A new way of data delivery, UOF enables customers to quickly and consistently access all the data Betradar supports by uniting the different XML feeds that once required multiple integrations. Covering 160+ lotteries from over 30 countries, the main advantage of UOF is that it minimizes the possibilities of errors and disturbances in production.

With the help of the Seven admin platform tool, the Lottery for retail shops has some specifics to enhance the overall user experience and engagement:

  • Seven Admin allows operators to configure retail channels as well as create custom print offers for tournaments and events. Clients can easily make a selection of tournaments and events they want to include in printed offers and choose one of the predefined templates of printed offers.

  • Seven Shop application for bet shops offers an easy way to type tickets, preview offers and print custom offers created from the Seven Admin.

Since the popularity of world lotteries is on the rise, understanding the numbers betting community and more precisely lottery fans is key in maximizing the potential of this trend. After closely monitoring and analyzing the habits of the loyal and active customer base interacting closely with the Lottery product on a daily basis, the natural next step for NSoft was developing live Lottery visualization for bet shops.

The live draw visualization is currently available for Greece Keno 20/80 on the web channel and soon it will be offered to players in land-based shops as well.

Visualization includes numbers drawing simulation and basic statistics. The statistics are summarized per tournament and related to the period of the last 7 days, including the current day.

Elements of visualization:

  • Countdown until next draw

  • Waiting on results

  • Draw simulation

NSoft Lottery has the highest quality and security standards, with rich and constantly evolving features. Tested and proven for the online channel, the natural next step was to optimize it for the retail and thus extend the reach. The omnipresence of the game and thrilling possibility for a big win qualifies Lottery for the next big thing alongside our evergreen Lucky Six, popular Roulette and highly engaging Greyhound Races.


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