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Picture lightning-fast betting game with simple-to-play betting options

What’s your favourite Kolor?

Kolor is a fast colour betting game developed by NSoft Games development team for the online channel exclusively.

It is a simple betting experience that offers players fast rounds and fast gain.

One one click is required to place the bet in Kolor.

Kolor betting game explained

Kolor is a virtual draw-based betting game. As its name suggests it is all about betting on colours. A classic wheel is divided into 32 fields coloured with four different shades: medium purple, light blue, strawberry red and mustard yellow. The number of coloured fields deferred so does the odds.


As a player, you pick the colour as the wheel spins. In just 25 seconds ( 15 for countdown and 10 for wheel spin)  the colour is drawn. All the users who selected the drawn colour will have their stakes multiplied.  


The game uses a certified random generator and reliable backend structure that enables plug and play for any betting operator’s business.

Game Summary

One-click bet placement  

The player clicks on the desired colour. This single click places the bet. No additional clicks or actions are required


Delivery channels for Kolor game

The game is designed for web and mobile app exclusively having fast integration options in mind.

Fast in delivery  

Being optimized for online channels means that the Kolor, colours bet, is a fast betting game.

The countdown is set for 15 seconds, the wheel spins for 10 second and the three seconds are reserved for results display.

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