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Lucky X is the next generation of betting. It is a draw based game offering more wagering options behind every number. Founded on the concept of the classic draw game, Lucky X offers the players a chance to pick random numbers or colours, and follow live draw every five minutes.
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Game Description

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Lucky X is a new entertainment, a virtual game where numbers are drawn from the drum. There are 50 numbers in total, and 36 of them are drawn during a single round. The balls with numbers are drawn from virtual drum and shown in the columns from left to right.

Lucky X

draw based game on computer generated events (RNG – Random Number Generator)

Draw Type

50 numbers in total, 36 are generated randomly in a single round

Ball Colours

five different colour groups (red, blue, green, yellow, purple), each containing 10 numbers

Round duration

5 minutes, 3 parts: announcement/countdown, draw animation, results

How to play Lucky X?

The player chooses number(s) and based on the amount of chosen numbers, bet type rules are applied.

In order to win, player must guess all the numbers he chose within the sequence and within bet type rules. In other words, every number chosen by the player must be drawn from the drum. Winning odd is equal to the odd on which the last chosen number lands.

Various bet type possibilities
for your customer entertainment

Standard Bets

10 variations, 10 market types depending on how many numbers the punter chooses. Bet type 1 is for one chosen number, bet type 2 is for two chosen numbers, bet type 3 is for three chosen numbers and so on, up to bet type 10 for ten chosen numbers. Each bet type is different and has its own odds sequence and its own set of rules. Sequence of numbers is very important in this game.

This means the player chooses between one and ten numbers of one colour in his own choice. He can basically say ‘I would like to play five red numbers’, and he will get five random numbers marked with red colour. All the tickets of this type are resolved as Main bet type 5.

System Bets

It offers betting up to 10 numbers on all systems. Player chooses up to 10 numbers and points out in which system he wants to make a payment. Accordingly the number of combinations, fees and rules are applied.

Player chooses the colour and points out in which system he wants to make the payment for all the tickets of that colour. Offered systems are 1/10, 2/10, 3/10, 4/10, 5/10, 6/10, 7/10, 8/10, 9/10, 10/10.

Special Bets

Player can guess whether the sum of first six drawn numbers will be lower than or equal to 153, or higher than or equal to 153. In case the sum is exactly 153, both bets are winning.

What will be the colour of the first drawn ball?

Player picks a number and tries to guess whether it will be among first six generated numbers.

Player can guess whether the first drawn number will be odd or even.

Player can guess whether the first generated number will be lower or higher than 25.5.


Player has an option to place a bet on multiple different market types within one betslip.

Betting in advance on the same market type, standard or special, up to 10 consecutive rounds on one betslip.

Daily schedule of draws and results.

Grow your potential with the next generation of betting

Opportunity to win more money, to chose between multiple markets, to chose just one number, to enjoy amazing user interface, more excitement, revolutionary design and stunningly beautiful statistics is what affects the punters to love this game. More tickets in the end means higher growth potential for our customers.

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