NSoft is one of the most desirable employers in 2017


NSoft has been awarded with The Most Desirable Employer recognition. This award is confirmation of interpersonal relationships and family atmosphere that became NSoft’s trademark.

At the ceremony held at the Hills Hotel in Sarajevo, portal has awarded recognition to companies selected for The Most Desirable Employer in Bosnia and Herzegovina. NSoft was once again on the TOP 10 of all industries list, this year in sixth place. This is melioration compared to last year when NSoft claimed eighth place in this competition.

On that occasion, Miss Ivana Perkovic, Head of Human Resources at NSoft, expressed satisfaction: “It is a great pleasure, for several years in a row, to discover successful people in our state and listen to their stories at The Most Desirable Employer event. We have always tried to keep up to date with our innovative HR practices and our confidence-based and employee-based work model, but we now consider it is very important to talk about it in public.”

NSoft prides itself on having an amazing team made out of innovative, qualified and highly motivated individuals and strives for having even greater and bigger team. Everyone interested in being a part of NSoft’s fantastic reality can see all open vacancies and apply.


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