NSoft presents its analytics at Tableau Regional Conference in Zagreb


NSoft has participated at Tableau Regional Conference in Zagreb, the event that gathered the most important companies from the region to present their use cases.

As the only invitee from Bosnia and Herzegovina, NSoft demonstrated its analytics as well as data visualisation.

The Tableau software is being used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies and is a number one software in analytics and data visualisation. NSoft Business Analytics team has created an interesting Viz in order to present the company’s main strengths, NSoft’s employees, customers and products. This impressive visualisation is available at the following link:!/vizhome/shared/QMHKSRGXQ.

Considering that NSoft offers turnkey solution for betting industry, the usage of advanced analytical methods is of outmost importance since it enables the continuous growth together with customers.

Apart from offering excellent products NSoft provides its customers with constant support through the business intelligence enabling up to date analytics and product supervision leading them through the process of data interpretation.


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