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Comprehensive betting business tool

Seven is a platform for managing core betting business operations. It is a gaming management system which includes modules, applications and APIs that serve as a base layer for laying products on top of it and offering them to the betting operators. Our software’s administration and content control is available on all product delivery channels – retail, terminal, mobile, and web.

The platform offers a framework for aggregation of betting and gaming products from third party vendors, and it handles users, transactions, reporting.

  • Lots of possible extensions like:
    Affiliate systems
    Business intelligence
    Support tools, chat, correspondence
    eWallet plugins/payment providers
  • Ease of operations and customer setup
  • APIs for third party developers

You want to enrich your betting business portfolio or you want to start from scratch?
We have all the tools you need.

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Web administration suite of our management system allows you to track your whole business anywhere, anytime.

Support for all major delivery channels ranging from mobile, web, retail and terminal.

Support for seamless integration of wide range of betting and gaming products, from sportsbook, virtual and casino games, slots and much more.

Apart from the tools available in the platform itself like Real-time reporting, CRM and Device Management, we support integration of dedicated tools for affiliates, support chat and advanced business intelligence.

Ranging from real-time transactions, aggregate real-time reporting, CRM, extensive device and application management.

Control your devices remotely through our software and have real-time access to your betting operations.

Manage and analyze data in order to maintain customer retention, increase sales and improve your business overall.



Back Office


Third party platforms

Platform 1
Platform 2
Platform 3

Built with integrations in mind

Integrations are standard in the industry so we have built Seven with them in mind. Migrate to our platform completely and transform your business. If you have some products which are key to your operations, but Seven does not include them at the moment – no problem. Integration of products is simple and straightforward. On the other hand if you have a platform already running your operations and you find it hard to change that, you can still get all the products which are integrated into Seven with a single integration effort from your side.

Seven as a core platform

  • Wallet integration
  • Betting API integration
  • Automatic account creation and configuration (manual steps supported)
  • 3rd party product, applications & plugins registration

Seven as a product aggregator (to 3rd party platforms)

  • Wallet integration
  • Frontend integration
  • Back office integration

You want to enrich your betting business portfolio or you want to start from scratch? We have all the tools you need.

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• Lucky Six
• Lucky X
• Live Betting MTS
• Prematch Betting MTS

• Other NSoft products

• Third party products integrated on SEVEN Platform
• NSoft products integrated to third party platform with the help of SEVEN Platform

Safety measures are of great importance to us. We want to make sure that our customers feel secure. We cover all known safety issues by constantly monitoring what is happening in our and other industries.
• Encryption of devices and sensitive credentials
• High security protocols
• User account access control
• Two step authentication
• Detection of double access points

• Multitenant
• Extensive localisation support
• Language
• Currency
• Time zone
• Number formats
• Horizontally scalable
• Extensive usage of open web technologies for better security and wider support
• Configurable

Ticket Handling

Seven Platform supports multiple products like virtual games, live sports and pre-match betting. All of these product groups have their own ticket systems. Tickets can be played from various supported channels – web, retail, mobile and terminal. Seven Platform accepts ticket and performs basic request validation including authentication and authorization of player.

Standardized API – Integration experience and interfaces are the same for both NSoft 1st party development of products as for 3rd party developers.

Additional features

  • Simple implementation
  • Effortless integration
  • Use immediately after installation
  • Complete solution for business operations developed on years of experience

  • Extensive hardware support
  • Custom configurations
  • Terminal
  • PC
  • Mini PC
  • Raspberry Pi 2
  • Web based & accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Remote control (of devices, products, reports, personnel, players)

  • Each segment can be edited by user (language, time zone, password etc.)
  • Verification through
  • Document upload (JPG, PNG, GIF, PDF)
  • Web service
  • Self-Exclusion option
  • Account closure
  • Send gift
  • Money balance
  • Bonus tools
  • Complete player history

  • Credit/debit card
  • Payment gateway service (Skrill, Papaya, and continuously adding more options)
  • Bank wire transfer
  • Vouchers

  • Shop reports
  • Operator reports
  • Product reports

Includes tools for

  • Control
  • Verification
  • Banning
  • VIP levels

You want to enrich your betting business portfolio or you want to start from scratch? We have all the tools you need.

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Intended for the employee in the betshop

Beautiful design, ease of use, simplicity, powerful features - all of this, and much more is available in 7Shop application. It is so good that it makes betshop employee work easier and faster and makes business run smoothly and securely.

7Shop offers great amount of control, monitoring the tickets and other data, reports and calculations.


Focus on simplicity and real time-data stream

Admin is a very powerful administration suite that enables the customer to track all business data in real time. With this application, it is possible to review daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports with detailed graph view of desired parameters. Furthermore, it provides tracking of individual betshops, as well as the entire business or just specific group of betshops.

Technology used


Lucky Six is our most popular game and a proven profit generator. One of the best designs in bingo type draw games. Want to have it in your portfolio?

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