Admin is a very powerful administration suite that enables
the customer to track all business data in real time.


Admin is a very powerful administration suite that enables the customer to track all business data in real time. With this application, it is possible to review daily, weekly, monthly and annual reports with detailed graph view of desired parameters.

Furthermore, it provides tracking of individual betshops, as well as the entire business or just specific group of betshops.

Main characteristics

User-friendly – one of the biggest advantages of this application is its simplicity
Real-time data stream – data is constantly refreshed to ensure full data tracking
Detailed and categorical information – administrator program includes a variety of information about the branch offices and employees, as well as the efficiency measures
Advanced reports – a quick and easy view of many statistical indicators
Security – all information is protected with highly secured modern protocols as well as encrypted passwords

Important and beneficial Admin possibilities

Control over retail, terminal, web and mobile channel

Possibility to assign different permissions and monitor status of each shop, product, operator and delivery channel

Plenty of reports to choose from: RTP, won tickets, cancelled tickets, payout, profit and many more

Remotely connect to one of the betshop devices, view reports, monitor activities or even control them, and all of it from any place in the world

Application can be accessed via web and you can gain insights into variety of information

Product Management


  • Set up rules for minimum/maximum bet amount, minimum bet per combination or maximum number of bets
  • Choose the working time for each day
  • Every shop can have its own settings
  • View different data per categories for sports events, teams, bets, results, outcomes, status, ID category, name etc.

Product Store

  • Check out all available and upcoming products
  • Filter the product by platform or status
  • Reset products with ‘Reset All’ button
  • Choose products by the name or version
  • Activate or deactivate products

Shop Management


  • Simple click on the icon makes a match/tournament active or inactive
  • Choose the delivery channel where match will be active (retail, terminal, web, mobile)
  • Select betshops, customize the screens and choose what you want to see on the screen
  • Download reports for betshops in Excel document format
  • Choose, set-up and control multiple screens
  • Remotely manage your terminals

User Management

You can manage Admins, Group Admins, Operators, Players, High-stakes Actions, Activity Logs.

There are plenty of filters for easier and customizable navigation through the screens and possibility to choose how often the data will be refreshed.

Player Management

Detailed information about the players are available – ID, user name username, name, birth, email… Also there is an option to block players in case of any unwanted situations.

Wallet Management

Inside the Wallet tab, you have the ability to see all plugins, cash register logs, and vouchers. Every of these include high level of details allowing the manager to have the full insight into operations.


You can see reports from betshops, betshop groups, products, operators, and cash registers.

There are multiple views of RTP, canceled tickets amount, won tickets, profit, payout and so on.

All of these reports can be separated per betshop, product, operator, player and compare them. (comparable between each other)

Get complete control of your entire business operations with one single application – 7Admin.

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