Beautiful design, ease of use, simplicity,
powerful features - all of this, and much
more is available in 7Shop application.

It is intended for the employees in the betshop. It is so good that it makes their work easier and faster and makes the business run smoothly and securely. 7Shop offers great amount of control, monitoring the tickets and other data, reports and calculations.

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Lucky Six

F 1

Greyhound Races

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F 3



  • User interface is always the same, but every game has its own distinctive features
  • There are shortcut keys to fast paced work
  • Calculator allows the worker to easily track the amount of all the paid money during the day, and to make simple money in – money out calculations
  • Ability to print vouchers
  • Reports for the current day can be global and by product
  • Possibility to setup and test the printer

Main features

  • PC status – check whether the PC is connected to the Internet
  • POS Printer status – monitor the connection of the printer
  • Betslip status – successful, pending, rejected. Status can be checked by scanning the barcode or entering the ticket ID
  • Ticket handling – monitor, edit, or payout the tickets
  • Monitor bets – ability to monitor each and every bet on the betslip

Reports data

  • Betshop – Betshop name
  • Report created at – Date and time when the report has been created
  • Starting amount – Starting amount of that day
  • Take in – Total money taken in
  • Take out – Total money taken out
  • Total adjustments – Difference between money taken in and out
  • Money in – Money paid in
  • Money out – Money paid out
  • Cancelled amount – Total amount of cancelled tickets
  • Total earnings – Difference between money in, money out and cancelled amount
  • Total amount – Total sum of starting amount, adjustments and earnings

If your betshop employee has the application that is easy to use with powerful features,
it would speed up their work, and benefit your business overall. Want to learn more?

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