Give your players a chance to bet on RNG based
or actual lottery draws from around the world

Modern take on this classic form of entertainment

Lucky Six, our most popular game laid the foundations for further development of draw based games. Fast-paced entertainment in virtual form brings bingo and lottery type games to the punters every few minutes. Ability to enjoy the draws more than 280 times a day in combination with

Incredible user interface proved to be massive success with punters and revenue-generating model for our customers. Besides RNG games, Numbers Betting service is there to provide betting on 20.000+ real lottery draws each month from over 70 countries around the world.

Keno 20/80

Hit more, win more!

Keno is a very simple and popular casino game which has kept players entertained since the ancient Chinese period around 200 BCE.

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Next Six

Live betting of draw based games

As opposed to other draw based games that allow betting only before the start of the event, Next Six allows the players to join the game at any point. They can place wagers on the outcome of the next ball or the next six balls, which is games’ trademark. Due to its speed, the game is specially designed and available only for Web & Mobile.

Lucky Six

Vibrant design and top-notch infrastructure

Lucky Six is a draw based game where numbers are drawn from the drum. It is founded on the concept of the classic lottery game where person gets the chance to pick random numbers or even colours, and follow live draw every five minutes. Due to its vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure, Lucky Six soon became our customers’ favourite and a proven profit generator.

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Lucky X

Next generation of betting - elegant, sophisticated and sharp

Lucky X is the next generation of betting. It is a draw based game offering more wagering options behind every number. Founded on the concept of the classic lottery game, Lucky X offers the players a chance to pick random numbers or colours, and follow live draw every five minutes.

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Place bets on lottery draws around the world

Lottery gives players a chance to bet on outcomes of actual lottery draws from all around the world.

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Certificates serve as a proof our products meet the highest requirements of the betting and gaming industry.


Our virtual games are certified by iTech, which is an approved testing laboratory for online gaming systems. Certificate issued by iTech confirms our games are statistically random, unpredictable and that the results cannot be influenced or adjusted.

BMM Testlabs

NSoft is in possession of BMM Spain Testlabs s.l.u. certificate which confirms that NSoft’s virtual games (Lucky Six, Lucky X, Virtual Greyhound Races, Virtual Horse Races and Greyhound Races) meet all the necessary requirements.

Delivery Channels

Our products are available on various channels, devices and operating systems. Depending on their needs, our customers have the ability to select their preferences.





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