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Virtual Drag Races is a virtual car drag racing game filled with excitement. NSoft is known to take on challenges, so we decided to bring these car races into our virtual world. Which one of two racers will reach the finish line faster – that is what the bets are placed on, as simple as that.

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Game Description

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Classical form of car drag race is short and fast race where two cars are competing on short distance of ¼ mile or 402 meters.

The start of the drag race is marked with the traffic light called Christmas Tree. Each side of the traffic light has three yellow lights on top of it. First light turns on when the driver approaches the starting position and second when he is close to the starting position. When both drivers are at the starting positions, the third yellow light turns on, and soon after it the green light which means the start of the virtual race.

The duration of the virtual car drag race is measured when the virtual vehicles start racing, and not when the green light is on. The virtual car drivers are allowed to do the Burn-Out. Burn-Out area is behind the start line and is called Water Box.

Various bet type possibilities for your customer entertainment

  • Winner of the race
  • Winner of the tournament – before the tournament starts
  • Entering the semi-final – before the tournament starts and before ⅛ final
  • Entering the final – before the tournament starts, before ⅛ final and before quarter-final
  • Combo bets – player can bet on multiple winners from different races, that is combine them into one bet where the odds are multiplied
  • System bets – player can play system bet where combining same race with two different winners is not allowed; nor is allowed to bet on the winner of the tournament and entrance to ½ final or final

Ultimate driving experience to offer to punters

Virtual Drag Races is a game which provides totally different level of sport betting experience and enjoyment for punters. If the players are bored and tired of classical races where cars go constantly round and round in 50+ circles, drag racing is the exact opposite – burning tires, roaring engines and 10 seconds full of excitement. Unique offering on the market your customers will definitely appreciate.

Vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure. With numerous exciting betting options, our games will become your customers' favourites in no time.

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