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Virtual Greyhound Races is a virtual betting game where players place bets on one or more out of 6-8 dogs that are racing at the track. Outcomes are result of a software, an electronic random number generator (RNG).

virtual greyhounds racing

Game Description

Virtual greyhounds scoreboard

Virtual Greyhound Races is realistically animated game with lots of variations in dogs’ behaviour thanks to AI and dynamic UI. Dog racing is incredibly popular and enjoyable betting sport for which we created our own virtual version.

Number of racers

from 6 to 8 dogs

Round duration

on average 3:45 minutes and consists of announcement/countdown, race and results

Virtual Greyhound Races

unique UI design; race, horses, jockeys and stadium are completely designed and animated by NSoft team

Various bet type possibilities for your customer entertainment

Standard Market Types

The player bets on the winner of the race

The player bets on the winner of the race and the runner-up

The player bets on the order of first three dogs to cross the finish line

The player bets whether a chosen dog will finish among the first two positions

The player bets whether a chosen dog will finish among the first three positions

The player bets on several different order combinations on a single ticket

Virtual dog racing packed with non-stop action

New races available every 3:45 minutes on all platforms (retail, online, mobile and terminal) gives you advantage on the market. Real dog racing events are not widely available and are not as fast-paced as our virtual version. Offer your customers multiple market type and boost your revenues.

Vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure. With numerous exciting betting options, our games will become your customers' favourites in no time.

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