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Nothing attracts players like a good old jackpot! Find the right fit to your business, attract the right players at the right time.

The allure of jackpot is easy to understand, the chance to win a vast amount of money from a single stake is a dream for many punters and these games help make it reality for a lucky few.


NSoft proudly introduces AJS which stands for Advanced Jackpot System, a premium system for managing the jackpots throughout the client’s operation. The system gives powerful and flexible configuration options in accordance with clients needs while being easily integrated with other NSoft’s products.
AJS is as simple or as complex as you want it to be. So if you want a jackpot with a single tier for each of your NSoft products, we have you covered. If you want a multiple tier jackpot that is connected with multiple products, it is easily configurable. Also the name of each jackpot and fund is customizable so you can choose the most attractive one based on your playersʼ preferences.


Multiple products (games) – If you have multiple NSoft games throughout your operation, and want to reward your players through a common jackpot, AJS makes it possible through its powerful and flexible configuration options.
Multiple funds (tiers) – AJS allows the operator to set up the jackpot suitable to their needs. So having a standard one tier jackpot, or having three jackpots of varying size is only a matter of preferences.
Custom names – Each jackpot and each fund can have it’s own custom name, so Mini, Midi or Maxi; Bronze, Silver or Gold or whatever combination suits you the best.
Localized jackpots – A location based jackpot is in high demand in the industry and that is why it is a key feature of the AJS. By having separate funds for each device the operator can granulate the jackpots into many smaller ones, along with the global, larger ones.

Pooled jackpots – A pooled jackpot is similar to location based jackpot. Connect a selection of devices into a pool, and they will share a common jackpot fund.
High roller jackpots – A fund can be configurable so they can only be triggered by tickets with payment above the certain amount. For example, only for tickets above 25€.
Modern visualization – The AJS easily integrates with other NSoft’s products, so it comes as a part of the visualization, with an attractive “Jackpot Drawn!” sequence.
Stand alone visualization – Clients have an option of dedicating a screen in order to show the amounts of funds in the jackpot at all times. This is an optional feature that goes the extra mile in front of the competition.
Highly customizable – Colour themes, naming of the jackpots, amounts contributed to the jackpot, locations, group of locations and many more features.

Find the right fit to your business and attract the right players at right time. Boost your revenue by adding Advanced Jackpot System to all of our virtuals!

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