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Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is a motorcycle racing sport involving four and sometimes up to six riders competing on oval track. As every virtual sports betting game, it is based on real sports events. Extremely fast and exciting four laps of the dirt track make it soon became one of the most enjoyable racing games in betting world.

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Game Description

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Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is a thrilling virtual game offering new betting options on the market. Players love it because of its simplicity – pick a winner or a forecast. Random number generator works in the background to produce the outcomes of the races.


  • Realistic animations of stadium and riders with animations
  • Gravel based track with realistic environment
  • 4 different and realistic looking riders
  • 2-4 laps per race (configurable)
  • Variety of riders’ names
  • ToD (Time of Day) – adjustment to local time of day (dawn, day, sunrise and night)
  • Dynamic weather – adjustment to local weather conditions (sunny, cloudy and raining)
  • Super Bonus feature

Various bet type possibilities for your customer entertainment

Standard market Types

The player bets on the winner of the race

The player bets on the winner of the race and the runner-up, where the order is important

The player bets on the winner of the race and the runner-up, where the order is not important

The player bets which of the two racers will be higher placed

Enrich your portfolio and boost revenues

One of the few motorcycle racing on the market. Players like to have variety of games and betting options to enjoy in. Virtual Motorcycle Speedway is definitely a good reason to enrich virtual sport game portfolio and to have another revenue generating engine.

Vibrant design and top-notch backend infrastructure. With numerous exciting betting options, our games will become your customers' favourites in no time.

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