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NSoft TAM Team – Technical requirements handled swiftly

13 Mar 2019

Like any other business niche, betting industry and its operators want their solutions fast, without complications or delays. Providers are often under pressure doing their best to fulfill such requirements and accomplish all tasks in due time.

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Regulatory mapping: NSoft about Africa’s emerging markets

07 Mar 2019

iGaming: level up your African experience with facts and stats

Africa as the rising star on the iGaming market has been especially interesting when it comes to a real omnichannel experience.

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NSoft and Regulatory Challenges

28 Jan 2019

Regulatory requirements strengthening the company’s know-how

In today’s business, the companies are being increasingly challenged with efforts to reach all set financial targets, and at the same time to comply with complex regulatory requirements.

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NSoft: The Leader in Omnichannel iGaming Innovations

24 Jan 2019

About Ivan Rozic

He has been working for 2 years at NSoft and his goal is to increase the NSoft’s footprint within the betting industry. He’s experienced in international business having worked in various industries across Asia and Europe.

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