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Passion and motivation behind Virtual Penalty Shootout

04 Oct 2021

Virtual Penalty Shootout celebrated its first birthday. Officially, the game was released on September 30, 2020, and instantly captured the attention of both – operators and players.

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IT Infrastructure – Catching up with the future

26 Aug 2021

A wise man said that behind every successful, scaled company is an excellent infrastructure team doing remarkable things.

By Marin Marincic, Head of Infrastructure

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Information security in the modern betting industry

16 Aug 2021

When talking about informational security in the betting business, consider using a reliable SaaS betting platform that handles most of the security complexity for you, instead of doing all the heavy lifting yourself. NSoft got you covered here.

by Nikola Rakić, CTO at NSoft 

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Faster, higher and stronger across iGaming industry

04 Aug 2021

Sports have long been an integral part of global culture, from the earliest form of football in ancient China, the Olympic Games in Greece, to the spectacle of the Colosseum in ancient Rome.

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