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IT Infrastructure – Catching up with the future

NSoft Lottery – take your players on a virtual journey around the world

09 Apr 2021


The Lottery is NSoft’s new game category which gives players a chance to bet on outcomes of actual lottery draws from all around the world. Players place bets on the results of international lotteries at configurable odds. 

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Stark Solutions celebrate 5 years of delivering exceptional SSBT’s

02 Apr 2021

By Ivan Soče, Managing Director at Stark Solutions. 

Once upon a time

Like many success stories, our story has started from the garage –  to be precise, Stark’s story has started on the balcony.

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The one to rule them all – The importance of an adaptable betting platform

30 Mar 2021

A few years back, following trends the betting industry imposed, NSoft found itself on an inevitable road of moving from an old betting platform to a more robust one. 

Written by: Ajda Marić, Engineering Manager,  Seven Sportsbook

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NSoft debuts Lightning games: Shaping the future with Lightning Roulette

10 Mar 2021

Last year most economic sectors struggled due to the still existing COVID-19 pandemic. Betting and gaming industry wasn’t an exception, especially in the retail channel where the restrictions are still in force to a lesser or larger degree at almost all markets.

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