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IT Infrastructure – Catching up with the future

Coexistence of physical and digital – a story of 2020 betting business

22 Feb 2021

Isaac Asimov beautifully described an overlapping relationship between physical and digital, eventually leading to the unification of the two in a god-like creature. Does the betting business story end like this?

by Ivan Rozić, SVP of Global Sales and Business Development at NSoft

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COVID-19, GDPR and Online Gaming Business

18 Jan 2021

What should operators have in mind when developing online business?

Zlatan Omerspahić, Head of Legal and Compliance at NSoft: All industries, with no exception, have a common denominator for the year 2020. It is financial uncertainty.

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Dario Jurčić: Ground rules we set in 2020 will help us navigate 2021

12 Jan 2021

Dario Jurčić, CEO of NSoft

At the dawn of 2021, after a tough year that changed us personally and businesswise, Mr Dario Jurčić, CEO of NSoft has given the executive overview of NSoft’s strategy, customers, employees and plans.

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Why should Casino operators offer Sportsbook?

14 Dec 2020

New perfect match: casino operators and sportsbook 

  • Information literacy and trust have created a new ecosystem where sports betting and casino games complement each other. 
  • Players are searching for one-stop shops. 
  • Casinos offer fast results, thrilling 24/7 entertainment, so does Live Betting – the profile of the players is similar.

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