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Why should Casino operators offer Sportsbook?

14 Dec 2020

New perfect match: casino operators and sportsbook 

  • Information literacy and trust have created a new ecosystem where sports betting and casino games complement each other. 
  • Players are searching for one-stop shops. 
  • Casinos offer fast results, thrilling 24/7 entertainment, so does Live Betting – the profile of the players is similar.

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NSoft Vision: the way to conceptualise a product

26 Oct 2020

NSoft Vision – Thinking globally, kick-starting locally: from a small town to the whole world

Bradara: “The primary motivator was to show the world a different way to conceptualise a product. As a result, we created a retail-oriented, and user-friendly Video Surveillance Software boosted with artificial intelligence.”

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Bet Shops: 7 Common Support Requests

19 Aug 2020

NSoft Support department is one of the most diverse and dynamic environments within the company. We are mostly providing B2B Support with 24/7 coverage.

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NSoft Vision – Body Temperature Measurement

11 Aug 2020

NSoft Vision’s new feature for new normal – Body Temperature Measurement

Thermal imaging will be, as many experts dare to claim, a new normal in both access control management and our everyday lives.

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